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The Hungarian "Crown Town" of Visk, Máramaros, Hungary now Vyshkovo Ukraine
Visk, Máramaros, Magyarország "Visk Korona Város" mostanánban Vyshkovo, Ukrajna

Visk (Pronounced Veeshk) was established early on in 1200 AD as a center for the active mining and forestry interests in the Carpathian Mountains. In 1270 AD. King Istvan V. had a school and church built. It was at this time that Visk was declared a "Crown Town".

This church still stands today as the oldest and largest Reformed Evangelical Church in the Carpathian Mountains. This is a fortified Gothic Church with a wooden bell tower. A tour thru the church will reveal that it is held together by wooden pegs with no nails. The church was first a Catholic Church and it is said the Martin Luther himself preached from the pulpit here one time. In the 1500's for a short period the church became a Lutheran Church. After that it became and still is an Evangelical and Reformed Church.

Famous Hungarians born is Visk were the famous statistician and geographer István Lassú (1797-1850), and the chief-abbot of Pannonhalma Kálmán Fehér Ipoly (1842-1909).

Visk remained under Hungary until the unfortunate treaty of 1921 when Hungary lost more than two thirds of its territories. The county of Máramaros was split in two with part going to Czechoslovakia and part going to Romania. Visk became part of Czechoslovakia. After World War II Visk changed countrys again and became part of the USSR. Now Visk called Vyshkovo is part of the Ukraine.

In 1913 there was a great flood on the Tizsa River that caused great damage in Visk. The Church survived but many homes were destroyed. This coupled with the looming of World War I were probably the main reasons so many left Visk. Many Hungarians from Visk settled in the Carroll Avenue Neighborhood of Chicago's West Side and Missouri Valley Iowa. U.S.A. This tragedy has occured again with the horrific flooding of the Tizsa
on November 10 1998. Hundreds of homes have been damaged and leveled again leaving many homeless. The Reformed Church has survived the floods again to provide many with much needed shelter.

A Tisza Özönvíz Visken 10-11-1998
The Tisza Flooding in Visk November 10 1998
Article.. Özönvíz Visken .. Népszabadság Budapest Nov. 14 1998

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Özönvíz Visken 1998 Visk Flood

Özönvíz Visken 1998 Visk Flood

Present day Visk is still an important Hungarian enclave. It's village architecture is of Saxon and Székely origin. Other points of interest in Visk is the plaque of István Lassú, the Saján bath: spa, the famous mineral spring, and the mercury mine .

For a comprehensive look at the region click on this link. This is an article on The Hungarian Minorites in the Carpathian Basin
by Karoly Kocsis and Eszter Hodsi. This also includes a study on some of the towns with a sizable Hungarian population such as Visk.

A gravestone in Missouri Valley Iowa U.S.A. of one of the many that left Visk

1715 Tax Document Visk .. A Viski Adó Dokument 1715

Visk, Máramaros Topos and Maps
Visk, Máramaros Térkép

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Kattintás Térkép = nagy Térkép

Visk Map Today A Mai Viski Térkép

Carpathian Mountains Kárpátalja

Visk Map ca. 1870 A Viski Térkép Kb. 1870

Visk 1995

Present Day Visk is now called Vyshkovo, Ukraine

Visk, Máramaros 700 Éves Református Templom
700 Year Old Reformed Church in Visk, Máramaros

Kivonat: A Viski Református Egyház Története
by Peleskey Sandor 1925 local link MAGYARUL Hungarian

Excerpts: From The History of the Reformed Church of Visk
by Peleskey Sandor 1925 local link ENGLISH Angolul

A Viski Református Egyház Családnév Kb. 1920-1925.
Surnames gleaned from Reformed Church Records of the Visk Calvinist Church Congregation ca. 1920-1925

Almádi, Alenyuk, Ambrus, Bacsi, Balázs, Becske, Bekker, Béni, Berki, Berecz, Botos, Burez, Csik, Csajkovics, Csákai, Cébely, Czébely, Dadi, Dakos, Daubner, Darvai, Dömöcs, Elek, Ernyei, Farkas, Fekete, Fésüs, Flóra, Fodó, Fodor, Fogt, Géczi, Gódi, Groszhardt, Gyapjas, Gyorgyos, Halama, Hánka, Hari, Heczel, Héder, Horváth, Hozás, Huber, Imre, Igyártó, Jancsó, Jenei, Jőrös, Kádár, Kanóc, Karikás, Kaszó, Kelemen, Kereszturi, Kertzka, Kis, Kölcsei, Koós, Kordik, Kovács, Kranjnicky, Krüzsel, Krüzsely, Kun, Kurpe, Lamincer, Lator, László, Lassu, Lator, Lingvai, Lőrincz, Lőke, Mali, Mandrik, Máté, Márkus, Méhes, Mészáros, Mezei, Molnár, Nagy, Néma, Nemes, Ötvös, Pál, Pajzos, Peleskey, Petrécs, Píkolcz, Ponc, Profoncsik, Pufler, Reif, Rudi, Sari, Seres, Simon, Skretyuk, Stark, Steinberger, Stók, Sütő, Szabó, Szirmai, Szász, Szépi, Szlávik, Szilágyi, Szijjus, Szirmai, Sztojka, Tolnai, Tóth, Ujaki, Varga, Virag

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Templom..Church 1925


Communion Goblets

Below are pictures taken after 1990 at the Visk Church

Templom..Church Gate

Templom..Church 1995

Templom.. Church 1995

Templom.. Church 1995

Templom..Church Organ

Templom..Church 1995

Church Bell Tower

Templom.. Church 1995

Templom..Church Rectory

A Viski Utca kb. 1921
On the Early Streets of Visk ca. 1921

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Visk School ca.1921 kb. 1921

Visk School ca.1921 kb.1921

Visk School ca.1921 kb.1921

Tisza by Visk

House of Pal Botos

Picture of Hungarian House from Visk at the Carpatho-Rusyn Web Page

A Viski Utca kb. 1995
On the Streets of Visk Today ca. 1995

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A Viski Magyarok Hagyomány
Hungarian Heritage in Visk 1992

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A Viski Magarok 1992
Hungarian People of Visk 1992

[grnbal.gif]Photos are on Page Two .. Oldal 2

A Viski Temető 1992
Visk Cemetery 1992

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