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You will find Genealogy Resources, Documents and Links For Hungary, Scotland, England, and Ireland, as well as some other WWW Links.

Ez az oldal a WWW McComb / Kereszturi Családfa Honlap
Itt megtaláható a Magyarországi, Skóciai, Angliai, és Irországi WWW szerverek és egyéb, interneten elérhetö Nemzedékrend Források felsorolása.

If your interests are in Geneaology my site has many Genealogy Links as well as a Surname Index and Downloadable Gedcom files.

I have no control how the other web sites of mine at Parsons Technology and Family Tree Maker are loaded while they both have the links to parents shown they are much slower sites. Please Note that the Full Gedcom file at this site is Zipped allowing it to be downloaded compressed and thus much faster.

I Also have links to local Prescott Arizona Sites


You will find many points in my files that need further study. I do not claim to be the final authority on my files and all information is subject to further research. It is hoped that the information provided in these files will encourage more research. If this is done than I have accomplished my goal.


[grnbal.gif]Local Page Links to Friends Sites and Family Sites
[grnbal.gif]Local Page Family Photo Album .. Családi Fenykép Album
[grnbal.gif]Local Page on The Clans McComb, MacThomas, Mackintosh with migration map
[grnbal.gif]Local Page on the History of the Wauchope / Waughop Family
[grnbal.gif]Local Page on Scotland Genealogy Research
[grnbal.gif]Local Index to 44,000 Surnames
[new.gif]Complete McComb / Kereszturi Database viewable at Rootsweb
[new.gif]Local Index of Surnames in Visk.. A Viski Családnév Jelző 1800+ nev/names
[grnbal.gif]Family Tree Gedcom Downloads .. Családfa Gedcom Downloads
[grnbal.gif]Bruce Walkup's History of the Wauchope Family
[grnbal.gif]MacThomas North America Web Page
[grnbal.gif]Local Page on Hungary and Central Europe Genealogy.. Magyar Nemzedékrend
[grnbal.gif]Local Page Photos and History of Visk .. Viski Fényképek es Visk Történelme
[grnbal.gif]Local Page on Ireland Genealogy Research
[grnbal.gif]Local Page on England and Wales Genealogy Research
[grnbal.gif]Local Page How to search the New York City Passenger Manifests
[grnbal.gif]Local Page Prescott and Dewey area links.

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